Golf Gum Launch - Recap and Common Questions

What a week it’s been! We had an incredible response from our Golf Gum launch. From media coverage all over the world, to selling out of product our first week on the market, we’re feeling the love.

Some things about Golf Gum that we want you to know:

In 2016, the National Institutes of Health issued a study that said:

“A moderate dose of caffeine consumed before and during a round of golf improves golf-specific measures of performance and reduces fatigue.”

 Real talk. We couldn’t have asked for a better study. Auburn University conducted a similar study that went as far as to say that chewing gum before and during a golf round shaves two strokes off the average handicap.

Golf Gum is the best of both worlds with, you guessed it, gum, and caffeine (and B-vitamins!) to give you the edge you need to be successful on the course.

As more and more of you try Golf Gum we want to give you the 411 on the product, so you can have the best experience possible. Here we go.

Why is Golf Gum bigger than other pieces of gum?

  1. We have to be able to fit all of the energy in there. In each piece of Golf Gum there is ~80mg of natural caffeine from green coffee beans.
  2. Golf Gum also has the most Xylitol of any gum on the market. This means that your dentist will love you at your bi-annual checkups because Xylitol, a natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables, helps prevent cavities.
  3. Golf Gum gets smaller the longer you chew it, for the record :)

What’s up with the Liquid Core?

  1. The Liquid Core contains the natural caffeine and B-vitamins.
  2. Our Liquid Core Delivery System means that you start feeling the effects of caffeine and B-vitamins almost instantly.

Do I have to chew this for the entire back nine?

  1. Excellent question! The short answer is no. While our delicious spearmint flavor will last for hours (seriously, we’ve tested it), you only have to chew it for a few minutes to reap the benefits of Golf Gum.
  2. For those avid gum chewers out there, studies show that chewing gum enhances focus, no matter what you’re doing. So, if you want to chew Golf Gum for your entire round, feel free! The taste will accompany you the whole time.

Is this really a gum?

  1. Yes! It’s technically a functional gum. Meaning we are using the gum to deliver other benefits to you, the chewer.

Why a chewing gum?

  1. Because traveling with a full stomach, carrying heavy bags, and needing both hands for your golf swing prompts a need for something a little more portable, and good for you.


Talk to us! Reach out with questions and let us know your thoughts. We can’t wait for all of you to try Golf Gum. We just know you’ll love it!


The Golf Gum Team

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